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    (1) Senior Embedded Software Engineer 5 
    Job description: 
    One responsible for the company's own software product development (video, VOIP, control, direction); 
    2 ARM, embedded linux platforms. 
    A Bachelor degree or above, computers, electronics, automation and other related professionals; 
    2 English four or more; 
    3 familiar with C / C ++ language, firmer foundation; 
    4 has a strong hardware debugging capabilities (or are familiar with a variety of design patterns, software framework, the structure has a profound understanding) 
    5 familiar with the basic principles of operating systems, skilled application commonly used data structures and algorithms; 
    6 There socket, linux drivers and other development experience is preferred; 
    7 other sections familiar with ARM CPU priority; 
    8 requires at least 2 years of relevant work experience, there is a practical project experience in software development, if successful works can demonstrate; 
    Nine pairs of programming love, good research, excavation operation principle of a variety of software systems, to find and solve the program BUG; 
    Document 10 has a strong capacity; 
    11 has a strong ability to solve problems independently, there is sense of teamwork. Strong devotion to the work and dedication, work excellence. 
    (2) EMC Engineer 
    Job description: 
    EMC design and evaluation of a product, put forward views on improving the product of EMI / EMC. 
    2 track product EMC testing, EMC certification report writing. 
    3 Product EMC risks in advance to identify and promptly resolve 
    4 EMC regulations and standards of the follow-up, research and interpretation. 
    5 test specification and related instructions to write. 
    1.A more than 2 years class rail or other industrial products EMC test experience, familiar with EMC test equipment operation. There are third-party testing and certification bodies work experience is preferred. 
    2.familiar with rail traffic classes or other industrial products EMC certification process and requirements. 
    3.familiar with rail traffic classes or other industrial products EMC regulations (standards) requirements. 
    4.Level 4 English 4 above, good reading and writing skills. 
    5 interested in long engaged in EMC testing. 
    6 strong sense of responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, good communication, coordination and teamwork skills, able to work under pressure. 
    7 microwave and electromagnetic fields, radio, communications, electronics and other related undergraduate degree or above 
    (3) Position: Software Configuration Management Engineer 1 
    Job description: 
    A complete software configuration system set up and maintain, develop and train configuration management practices 
    2 Complete Software configuration management, including version management software, release management, document management, code management, configuration, database maintenance and other work 
    3 complete compiler environment, compiler tools, product version, document sorting and archiving 
    4 found in the development process to help solve a variety of configuration-related issues 
    5 other work 
    1 Bachelor degree or above 
    2 familiar with Office software 
    3 solid foundation in English, can be proficient in English translation 
    4 towards work and meticulous patience and methodical work arrangements 
    5 with strong interpersonal communication, cooperation, coordination, good language skills and team spirit 
    6 innovative spirit, good at learning, the courage to accept the challenge, compression capability 
    Seven have experience in configuration management