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    Dalian Seasky Automation Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian, the Dalian Software Park, Dalian University of Technology - Qixianling National University Science Park, is engaged MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) and embedded product development, automation technology, fieldbus technology research and development of specialized the company. The company in 2003 to obtain high-tech enterprise qualification. Technical and scientific aspects of the company with the Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University and other famous universities, scientific research institutes have close cooperation. The company has completed a number of national high-tech R & D projects and a number of lateral automation projects, the company's products have been used in more than thirty domestic and international high-speed rail and subway lines. 

    The company employs more than 40 people, all employees were more than undergraduate education, including Dr. 4, Master 12 people, this is a young and dynamic creative team. In the company of dedication, cooperation and innovative spirit to serve the country industry responsibility, to provide users with comprehensive technical support and solutions.